How did Cx3 come to be?

This is a journey that began as a simple idea to make a natural body care range. However, through climbing and my love of the outdoors, this has been growing into something much more.

What stared with SWR in NZ (a range of body care for the outdoors) has evolved into a more diverse brand-

Cx3 Climbing NZ.

My two (ever growing) passions are climbing and the environment. I’ve realised both have given me so much, and with the loss of my job due to Covid, it seemed the perfect time to fully embrace this path. My goal is to create a brand that not only provides ethical products for the outdoors, but supports the climbers who enjoy them.

On my blog, I will be putting the spotlight on women who climb and interviewing them on their climbing journey.

My ambition for the SWR body care range is to one day be able to sponsor female climbers in NZ. NZ climbing in general is woefully under sponsored but requires so much dedication and physical strength from its athletes. Hopefully, with it’s growing popularity we will start to see this change. My dream is to be a part of this process.

I’m excited to be able to offer a range of natural products for the outdoors, chalk bags & buckets, and a small selection of apparel.

Where ever possible I will be sourcing eco-friendly, local, and ethically sourced materials and ingredients.

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