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How did Cx3 come to be?

This is a journey that began as a simple idea to make a natural body care range. However, through climbing and my love of the outdoors, this has been growing into something much more.


What stared with SWR in NZ (a range of body care for the outdoors) has evolved into a more diverse brand called

Cx3 Climbing NZ.

My two (ever growing) passions are climbing and the environment. My goal is to create a brand that not only provides ethical products for the outdoors, but supports the climbers who enjoy them.

I’m excited to be able to offer a range of natural skincare products, chalk bags, & buckets

Where ever possible I will be sourcing eco-friendly, local, and ethically sourced ingredients. One day I'd like to make a clothing range made with organic cotton much like Italian clothing brand for climbers, E9.

I'm constantly looking for inspiration from what others are doing around the world and finding my own way to express it in my business. The Climbing bar I created was inspired by my favourite climbing hand care brand, ClimbOn Skincare, and my chalk bags are inspired by the amazing, colourful humans I've met along my climbing journey.

With much love and appreciation to all my customers and supporters,


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