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"As a professional massage therapist I often have a variety of balms and oils ready to go, whether at my own clinic or on call with overseas visiting athletes. I like working with this product for its consistency; many oils can have a heavy, greasy feeling whereas this one has a light feel when applied and still feels great on my hands hours later. The highest praise comes from my clients, who when given a choice of balms to pick for their session invariably pick this one over others for its fragrance. Again, it's not  over-stated or heavy but light and refreshing. Whether for personal or professional use, I find it a great product to have in my arsenal and I can highly recommend it."

Carsten Waterworth

Manuka and Calendula Mini Bar-
“It took me a while to figure out how to apply the bar. It's a good solid mini cylindrical block that stays well-put in its little jar. It's portable and it's with me each time after I train. As a pole-dancer who constantly apply dry-aid grips, this balm is just the perfect rescue remedy to replenish my skin's barrier on my hands. I'm grateful for this little gem. Manuka & Calendula - who knew?! Well, SWR did!


Kawakawa and Calendula Bar-
“After spending most of my life plagued with dry, cracked, itchy hands and having to be careful with what I use on my hands due to allergies causing eczema and dermatitis, I’ve finally found a product that’s natural and eases the itching and cracking. My hands feel lovely. I don’t have big open bleeding cracks on my knuckles and fingers anymore and this product doesn’t flare up my eczema or dermatitis. I love this product! Highly recommend.”

Athena Jose

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